• 2019


    • 01/13/ - New Signage for ECE Shoppingcenter

      As part of the AT YOUR SERVICE project of ECE, a new, modern signage was developed by sis and the AYS team after 1 1/2 years of conception. We plan and accompany the rollout nationwide since 2018 and are looking forward to another, successful year 2019.

    • 01/10/ - Opening Rhoen-Klinikum Campus

      At the turn of the year, the Center for Clinical Medicine (ZkM), the Center for Outpatient Medicine (ZaM) and a parking garage opened on the campus of the Rhoen-Klinikum Bad-Neustadt with a gross floor area of around 70,000 sqm. The guidance and signage system for the campus and the new buildings was planned by sis.

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 Stay! Hotel 2015 Planning and implementation
 Titanic Hotel 2015 Signage
 Office building Schleidenstraße 2015 Implementation and installation
 Alice-Hospital Darmstadt 2013 Planning and Implementation of Analog and Digital Signage
 Berlin Arc (Berliner Bogen), Hamburg, Germany 2013 Design and Implemenation
 Ericus Contor, Hamburg Harbor City, Germany 2013 Planning and Implementation
 Airport Saarbruecken, Germany 2013 Planning
 Healthpoint Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2013 Planning and Implementation
 University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein, Germany 2013 Implementation
 University Medicine Greifswald 2013 Planning and Implementation
 Hospital Barmherzige Brueder Regensburg, Germany 2011 Planning and Implementation
 Asklepios Clinic Bad Oldesloe, Germany 2010 Planning and Implementation
 BBI Airport/ Berlin Schoenefeld, Germany 2010 Planning
 Diakonie-Clinic Hamburg, Germany 2010 Planning and Implementation
 Airport Hamburg 2010 Planning, Implementation and Assembly Supervision
 Cooperative Building Society Fluwog-Nordmark eG, Germany 2010 Planning and Implementation
 Generali Insurance Company Headquarters Hamburg, Germany 2010 Production and Assembly
 sapido - Mercado Altona, Hamburg, Germany 2010 Planning and Implementation
 Festland Kinder-und Familienbad Altona (Mainland Children’s and Family Pool Altona), Germany 2009 Planning and Implementation
 Columbia Hotel Wilhemshaven, Germany 2009 Planning and Implementation
 Clinic Emden, Germany 2009 Planning, Design, Implementation, Assembly Services
 Schön Clinic Hamburg - Eilbek, Germany 2009 Implementation
 Hamburg University, Germany 2009 Implementation
 Unilever Headquarters, Hamburg, Germany 2009 Planning and Assembly Supervision
 Lufthansa Technik AG, Germany 2008 Orientation Plan
 Albertinen Hospital and Geriatrics Center, Germany 2007 Redesign Leitsystem
 Sana Clinics, Ostholstein, Oldenburg, Germany 2007 Redesign, Planning and Implementation
 University Hospital Cologne - Cardio Center 2007 Planning
 New Living Home - Forum Vitalis 2006 Planning and Implementation
 Alstercity Office Center Weidestrasse Hamburg, Germany 2006 Planning and Implementation
 Jungfernstieg, Hamburg 2005 Implementation and Assembly
 Clinic Malente-Mühlenbergklinik Ostholstein 2005 Planning and Implementation
 Beiersdorf AG, Hamburg, Germany 2004 Planning and Implementation
 BTC Berliner Tor Center and IBM, Germany 2004 Planning and Implementation
 Federal Employment Agency, Germany 2003 Leitsystem
 FFG Fahrzeugwerkstätten Falkenried GmbH, Germany 2000 Implementation
 Hotel Eggers, Hamburg, Germany 2000 Planning and Implementation
 University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany 2000 Planning
 Central Bus Depot ZOB Hamburg, Germany 2000 Implementation