3D-wayfinding und Digital Signage

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Analog and digital wayfinding and information systems form a unit. As an information planning and design firm, we develop a holistic and integrated concept for the analog signage system, the digital information system and the interactive 3-D wayfinding system.

We understand that each project needs an individualized approach using sophisticated system architecture. You will find further information in the download area (on your right). Please contact us for an individualized proposal or visit us for an informational interview. 

Analog and digital 3D-Wayfinding, Alice-Hospital Darmstadt, Germany
Film: Analog signage combined with "Guide3D" in Alice-Hospital
Link to the project: Clinic Kassel
Link to the Project: Alice-Hospital Darmstadt

Digital wayfinding- and information system, usable at home via WEB, on the terminal on site and on your smartphone via QR-code.

3-Day wayfinding, using Guide3D, a leading building navigational tool, complements the static orientation and signage system by way of a dynamic, interactive system in a three-dimensional space and structure. From start to finish, the user is being led via monitor, display, website, smartphone or printout.