Generally, a comprehensive wayfinding and orientation system includes all signs and information displays in the exterior and interior areas – starting with the information pylon, the information pillar, directional signs, floor indicators and ending with the door sign.

There are also customized options for elevator call buttons, flexible wall-mounted boards, display cases, prospectus stands or integrated systems such as electronic displays, touchscreen monitors, flags and stretch banners.

The signs and systems are made of aluminum, stainless steel, glass, or acrylic glass. Whenever possible, we use systems that are compatible and which can easily be changed or re-ordered even after a decade.

There are almost no limits to the options in the graphic design, colour schemes, signage via screenprint, high performance foils, digital print or PC print.  More and more, we use interchangeable media which the clients can label themselves using personal computers and common formats, whether it’s a door sign, a directional sign or an information pylon.

As a specialty planning company, we create and develop independently as well as in cooperation with our production partners with the ultimate goal of finding the perfect solution for you.