University Clinic Bonn commissioned SIS with signage concept.


Unispital Basel commissioned sis with signage concept.

We are very pleased about the commissioning of the signage preconcept for the University Hospital (USB) in Basel.


Modern Wayfinding Systems for Hopspitals

As part of the medLogistica in Leipzig, the CEO of sis, Gerhard Schlüter, will speak on the topic of "Modern Wayfinding Systems for Hospitals" on May 6, using the example of the planning process for the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (UKE). Link to the event program and lecture.


New Signage for ECE Shoppingcenter

As part of the AT YOUR SERVICE project of ECE, a new, modern signage was developed by sis and the AYS team after 1 1/2 years of conception. We plan and accompany the rollout nationwide since 2018 and are looking forward to another, successful year 2019.

Opening Rhoen-Klinikum Campus

At the turn of the year, the Center for Clinical Medicine (ZkM), the Center for Outpatient Medicine (ZaM) and a parking garage opened on the campus of the Rhoen-Klinikum Bad-Neustadt with a gross floor area of around 70,000 sqm. The guidance and signage system for the campus and the new buildings was planned by sis.



Roland-Shoppingcenter Bremen

In addition to the planning, SIS also took over the execution for the new signage for the Roland Center in Bremen.


Arborea Resort Hotel

The planning and execution of the signposting and signage system for the Arborea Marina Resort in Neustadt on the Baltic Sea has been completed. We wish a good start to the opening on July 16, 2018.



Signage for Campus Clinic Bad Neustadt

The new building of the RHÖN-KLINIKUM Campus Bad Neustadt is a milestone and a model for efficient, future-proof health care in rural areas. sis is commissioned with the conception of the guidance and orientation system.


Signage Conception

In the course of the modernization measures for the Alstertal Shopping Center in Hamburg, sis was commissioned with the conception and consultation for a graphically and technically renewed guidance and information system.


New Signage Conception for Clinic Wolfsburg

In the course of the conversion and expansion measures at the Clinic Wolfsburg, sis is awarded the contract for the conception and execution planning for a new signage system.


University Clinic Hamburg

The new signage system planned by sis at the University Hospital Eppendorf - UKE - is currently being implemented. The first pylons and orientation plans are installed.

Signage Planning for Clinic Frankfurt Hoechst

bam Deutschland AG / ARGE Klinikum Frankfurt Hoechst commissioned sis with the planning and conception of the signage System for the new clinic at the Frankfurt Hoechst with a total of 79,000 sqm floor space. 



Hospital Kiel starts with new Signage from SIS

After an intensive planning phase, we are currently implementing the new signage and wayfinding system for the Hospital in Kiel, Germany. We are pleased about the very positive response from patients and employees!

Office Complex NEWTON - Munich

In the Westend in Munich, the "NEWTON" is a highly modern office complex with more than 35,000 square meters of floor space. Planner is the Munich architectural office DMP. The TÜV Süd as an investor commissioned sis with the conception of the signage system from the underground car park to the office units.


Planning and Conception completed!

After more than a year's planning phase for the new guidance and orientation system for the Eppendorf University Clinic, implementation begins with the road signs at the central entrances and 2017 with the renewal of the signage system at the Central Clinic Ost10.

Hamburg - green metropolis on the water

On behalf of the association "Hamburg - Grüne Metropole am Wasser" 14 new arrow-shaped signs were set up in the parks between Blankenese and Altona. These guide pedestrians to scenic and cultural sights.


ROOMERS Hotel Munich

Beschilderung Hotel

The new ROOMERS design hotel in Munich ordered from sis the positioning conception for the new wayfinding and signage system. 

New signage system for Klinikum Herford

Wegeleitsystem für Krankenhaus

Klinikum Herford instruct sis to develop a new guidance system and signage system in the course of expansion of location.

New guidance system for renovated headquarter

Leitsystem für Firmenzentrale

The Hamburg shipping company group "Hamburg Süd" renovates its headquater. As part of the reconstruction sis planned the wayfinding concept through the building including floor identification, office signage and several guides.  

Signage in new colors

Farbkonzept als Teil des Leitsystems

The "Städtisches Krankenhaus Kiel" (hospital in Kiel) gave order to sis to develop a modern color concept. Implementation of the new signage is planned by end of 2016.


Hamburg Airport Cargo Center (HACC)

Beschilderung der Büros

The new Cargo Center at Hamburg Airport opened. 150.000 t of goods a year can be turned over on a 60.000 square metres area. sis realized the outdoor signage as well as tenant information for office buildings. 


March/April 2016

Agentur Milia - realisation of window foil labeling at day care centre "Bullerbü" Hamburg +++ Bilfinger/Ericus Contor - updating services foil labeling +++ FMSH/UKSH - Signage door signs +++ Airport Hamburg - renewal of fire protection lines 360 linear metre, rent buggy labeling, updating services +++ 

J.J. Darboven - Headquater Hamburg

Beschilderung Firmenzentrale

The well-known coffee company J.J. Darboven was supplied by sis with several indoor signage elements. sis planed, supply and mounted a wide range of e.g. door signs as well as the design of glass panels.


VAD received new stele for Jungfernstieg

Informationssystem im öffentlichen Raum

Just in time for the start of the season the association Alsterdampfschiffahrt VAD received an information and supply stele produced individually by sis and mounted on the jetty Jungfernstieg Hamburg.

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TITANIC Chaussee Berlin

Lichtwerbeanlage im Hotel

For the new construction project of the TITANIC group Berlin sis planned and realized interior and exterior illuminated advertising, several letterings and signage components e.g. door signs.

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UKE - University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Leitsysteme fürs Krankenhaus

The planning process for the new analog and digital wayfinding system for the University Clinic UKE in Hamburg is now completet. 

Deloitte & Touche GmbH

Digital Signage für Unternehmen

sis developed customer-oriented digital-signage solutions working at 10 locations Germany-wide. CI specifications as well as desired information contents are implemented.

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Elbe Clinic Stade

Lageplan als Teil des Wegeleitsystems

For the new psychiatric building sis did all the signage installations and the actualizations for the whole clinic building.

TITANIC Hotel Chausseestrasse Berlin nearly ready

For another hotel project of the Titanic group in Berlin Mitte sis was again entrusted with the conception and execution of the complete signage and LED letters on the facade.


Wall design

Large format digital printings and foil letterings beautify IBM`s new rooms at the BTC Hamburg.

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sis received the order for the whole signage of the 5 stars hotel "Titanc City Hotel" in Berlin. Including 400 beds, business center and spa area. From conecpt to implementation we realize the external appearance with LED lettering to indoor signage "everything from a single source"

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New signage for office building

sis planned and mounted the indoor and outdoor signage for an office building in Hamburg.

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Ministry of School and Vocational training

To Ministry of School and Vocational training in Kiel sis delivered and installed about 200 door signs, 12 floor directories, one outdoor pylon and one outdoor wall sign.


Airport Hamburg

sis realized different update services for Airport Hamburg. These include the design of oversized prints for the "Upper Deck" as well as labeling of "Hamburg Airport Shoppers" (rental strollers).

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New office in Berlin

We are looking forward to our new rooms in Berlin, Reichenberger Straße 124, district of Kreuzberg, near Paul Linke shore. Together with WES LandschaftsArchitektur we share the office, which has the look of a bright industrial architecture. Contact: berlin@s-i-s.de

UKE places planning order to sis

Hamburg`s largest hospital the Universitätsklinikum Eppendorf (UKE) places order to sis for conception of a new, improved signage and orientation system. The wayfinding system includes all main entries, outdoor signage and the whole signage of the central building Ost10.


med+Logistica 2015

The presentation by Mr. Schlüter (sis) and Mr. Fleck (Alice-Hospital Darmstadt) was followed by 120 listeners within the framework of the med+Logistica in Leipzig/Germany.


Stay! Hotel Boardinghouse Hamburg

sis planed, executed and assembled the signage for the new build STAY! Hotel Boardinghouse in Hamburg. The signage includes the interior as well as light sign advertising. 


February 2015

Albertinen Hospital - Updating existing inlays +++ Amalie Sieveking Hospital - Outdoor stele delivery and installation +++ UKSH pediatric surgery Lübeck - Delivery and installation of banner signposts and door and wall plates +++ Beiersdorf - New CI stele fitting and updating existing inlays
Airport Hamburg - Updating existing guidingsteles +++ Elbeklinikum Buxtehude - Updating Interior signage +++ Technical University Hamburg - Interior signage delivered and installed, handrails with braille and digital prints


Discourse at med+Logistica on May the 5th 2015

Gerhard Schlüter will lead the discourse about "modern way finding in hospitals" at the congress med+logistica, the leading exhibition for processes and logistics in hospitals. 


University Hospital Kassel

On Monday, January the 19th, on open day, the new digital way finding and orientation system  started operating in the new entrance building. sis planned the signage system for all interior and exterior areas as well as the digital wayfinding system. The digital solution can be used at the terminal of the entrance building, via QR code, on smartphones or at home via internet.

Titanic Hotel Berlin

By the Titanic luxury hotel Berlin, Französische Str., with construction in full progress, sis has been commissioned with planning and implementing the illuminated signs as well as the signage for the guest area. The grand opening of the 200 beds hotel is planned for beginning of 2015.

HELIOS Clinic Cuxhaven

sis received the order to realize short-termed, a new LED-illuminated advertising sign for HELIOS Clinic Cuxhaven. On schedule, the sign was put into operation December the 3rd.




sis realized the update of the Generali logo. This included labeling, varnishing and new logos made of stainless steel. Furthermore more updating of some glass sign content in the inner area are to come at the beginning of next year. 

November/December 2014

Airport HH - Completion of custom control area floor decal plus discretion lines at the baggage claim area (floor labeling) +++ GBA Laborgruppe, Pinneberg - Foil labeling and wall signs with new logo +++ Klinikum Emden update service - updating of door plate inlays as well as purvey of new door plates and elevator signage +++ UKSH Kiel - planning: Horst&Wicke / implementation: sis : new wall and overhead signage, as well as foil labeling in several buildings of UKSH, updating of foil labeling on pylons and arrow signposts including purvey of four new arrow signposts +++ Youth service Hamburg - new door plates and inlays delivered +++ Berlinhaus administration Hamburg - Floor map made of glass and stainless steel put up on the outside front. 


Airport Hamburg

Planning and installation of new security borderlines arround 11 baggage claims.

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September 2014

FLUWOG-Nordmark e.G - Foil labeling at the new caretaker’s office at Flughafenstraße +++ APOprojekt - updating of emergency exit routes at BTC Hamburg +++ PGH Planungsgesellschaft Holzbau mbH - addition of pylon at Veritaskai 6 with illuminated head panel +++ GENERALI - foil labeling of glass decor film with letters and marquetry at meeting point and cafebar area +++ ATG - replacement of damaged glas panel of ATG pylon at Jungfernstieg +++ UKSH Campus Kiel - manufacturing and montage of new signs in cooperation with Horst&Wicke Design

Media Release

Here you find our actual media release and project video:


> media release

> video



Rainvilleterrasse Hamburg - new exterior wall panel: execution and layout adapted to interior signage +++ Jobcenter Kreis Segeberg bzw. StellWERK - Logo development StellWERK and shop window lettering with glass decoration film +++ Unilever - single letters made of acrylic glass in the interior of the "Business Support Center" +++ Airport Hamburg - labeling of buggies for rent "Hamburg Airport Shopper" +++ Beiersdorf - Logo updating for research center +++ gmp Architekten - information panel on Hohen Elbufer 

Elbe clinics - Buxtehude

Completion of the interior signage for the new construction of the patient house.


New exterior standing sign in special construction with cut out lettering, backlit with LED.


School Charlottenburger Straße

sis installed a blackboard (aluminium composite panel with mounted acrylic lettering) above the main entrance on the grounds outside.



HTW Dresden Library

A digital information system was installed for the HTW Dresden library. It allows to play different contents (pictures, presentations, movies, websites, …) and shows several information simultaneously. sis supplied the software enlogic:show and graphical layouts for further use.

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January/February 2014

Verlagsgruppe Milchstraße GmbH - glass decoration film on glass and door surfaces as well as room numbers on 4 floors +++ IBM - updating wall signs for 25 several German sites +++ UKSH Kiel - new exterior pylon for out-patient center  +++ Landdrostei Pinneberg - glass plate installed including all donors' names +++ Hanjin - glass plate with lessee overview in entrance area

University Hospital Kassel

On the occasion of the new construction of the entrance building sis was asked to design a new wayfinding concept for the whole hospital area and its different buildings. The order includes a 3D wayfinding system with Guide 3D.



"HEALTHPOINT" Abu Dhabi completed!

 Brought by Mubadala Healthcare, the fully integrated, primary care and multispeciality hospital at Zayed Sports City is now open! sis had planned and installed the new wayfinding and signage system with our partners LPFLEX in Dubai and KN-international in Abu Dhabi.
For some impressions click the VIDEO-link.

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sis Designs Clinic Wayfinding System in Abu Dhabi

 Our vast experience in developing wayfinding systems and orientation signage in hospitals and a recommendation from Asklepios Management in Hamburg led sis to Abu Dhabi, where we were asked to plan, design and install a complete wayfinding system for “HEALTHPOINT – Arzanah Medical Complex”. The project included signage in the interior, LED displays outside, pylons with interior lighting and signage on two parking levels. With assistance from our partners in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we managed to carry out the first phase of the project in only 12 weeks of planning for the partial opening of the facility on June 1. 
Actual we are mounting the phase 2 signage positions on site.

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New Wayfinding System for Airport Passengers

The regional airport Saarbruecken hires sis to design a new wayfinding system for passengers at a new terminal. This is now the third airport after Hamburg and Berlin where sis has participated in planning and designing a wayfinding system.


Jobcenter Segeberg Gets New Outdoor and Interior Signage System

The new Jobcenter for the Segeberg County asked sis to plan, design and execute a new wayfinding and orientation signage system for the exterior and the interior of the center.  Sis used the arched Sieben system of Meng Informationstechnik company for this project.

Kerckhoff-Clinic Bad Nauheim

The internationally renowned Center for Heart, Therox- and Rheumatic Diseases expands and modernizes its clinic by adding a modern Transplantation Center. Sis was asked to develop a new wayfinding system for the entire hospital that was in line with its corporate identity. 

SIS Creates Elb Hiking Trail (Elbwanderweg) Signboards

The organization “Hamburg – Gruene Metropole am Wasser e.V.” asks sis to design and produce 18 signboards along the hiking trail Elbwanderweg. By the official opening in June all panels have been installed.


University Hospital Center Greifswald

 sis was asked to design an exterior and interior wayfinding system for the entire hospital when the  new Diagnostics Center of the University Medical Greifswald was built.

Design Contract Clinical Center Herford

Sis is asked to create a wayfinding system for the Clinical Center Herford as part of an expansion and modernization of the Center.


SAP at a New Location

 SAP moves into a new office building in Hamburg Rotherbaum in April. The plot encompassing
10 000 m2 designed by gmp Architechts gets a modern, modular wayfinding system using the system Quintessenz. Sis plans, designs and implements the new system within only six weeks.
The SAP Move Featured in the Hamburger Abendblatt

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ADVOCARD New Branding

ADVOCARD asks sis to implement new branding at the Besenbinderhof location in Hamburg. The changed logos are put in place on all floor level signs, orientation maps and in the entrance area. 

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Outdoor Signage University Campus Kiel Completed

Sis creates a new signage system for the campus of the University Clinic (UKSH) in Kiel in cooperation with Horst & Wicke Design.

Horst & Wicke planned the wayfinding system, the color scheme, which identifies the different areas of the campus, and develops an orientation plan with an alphabetical mapping system which offers additional guidance.

Using Quintessenz, we used modular pylons and arrow-shaped signposts, which showed the way using a color guidance system to lead to the different areas of the campus.  An area map using  labeling in alphabetical order provided further orientation. 

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