• 2019


    • 01/13/ - New Signage for ECE Shoppingcenter

      As part of the AT YOUR SERVICE project of ECE, a new, modern signage was developed by sis and the AYS team after 1 1/2 years of conception. We plan and accompany the rollout nationwide since 2018 and are looking forward to another, successful year 2019.

    • 01/10/ - Opening Rhoen-Klinikum Campus

      At the turn of the year, the Center for Clinical Medicine (ZkM), the Center for Outpatient Medicine (ZaM) and a parking garage opened on the campus of the Rhoen-Klinikum Bad-Neustadt with a gross floor area of around 70,000 sqm. The guidance and signage system for the campus and the new buildings was planned by sis.

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We create orientation!
  • Wayfinding Systems and Signage
  • Digital Prints and Foil Labeling
  • "Especially the work of your graphic designers was excellent when it came to implementing our wishes and ideas." Barbara Riewe (CEO), ABG Vermietungsgesellschaft mbH
  • Illuminated Signage and Advertising
  • Graphic Development, Fire evacuation plans

sis | sign information systems is a specialist planning agency for information, communication and property design, as well as a supplier for high quality architectural signs, guidance and information systems. 

We plan, design, create and install orientation and information systems for public and private projects. Together with you, we develop the optimal solution and accompany you from the design to the realisation stage.

We create orientation!

References / Videos:

"HEALTHPOINT" Wayfinding Project in Abu Dhab

Reference Unilever Headquarter Germany Hamburg

Analog and Digital Wayfinding

3D Wayfinding in hospitals:

Guide3D is a three-dimensional platform-independent information and control
system for the indoor area.
Visitors of large building complexes learn about where they are located, where
their destination is, and how to best get there interactively, intuitively and realistically.The paths are provided device-independently in the web browser, at the info kiosk or on any common smartphone.