• 2019


    • 01/13/ - New Signage for ECE Shoppingcenter

      As part of the AT YOUR SERVICE project of ECE, a new, modern signage was developed by sis and the AYS team after 1 1/2 years of conception. We plan and accompany the rollout nationwide since 2018 and are looking forward to another, successful year 2019.

    • 01/10/ - Opening Rhoen-Klinikum Campus

      At the turn of the year, the Center for Clinical Medicine (ZkM), the Center for Outpatient Medicine (ZaM) and a parking garage opened on the campus of the Rhoen-Klinikum Bad-Neustadt with a gross floor area of around 70,000 sqm. The guidance and signage system for the campus and the new buildings was planned by sis.

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"We have found an extremely committed and competent partner in SIS and are extremely satisfied with the result of the planning and realisation. Both the new patient and visitor signage system and the design of our site and orientation plan have been very well-received by patients and visitors, as well as by our employees.

Our collaboration with SIS was already very cooperative and agreeable during the planning phase so that the decision to call upon the sis updating service for future changes was easy to make."

Ulrich Pomberg, Managing Director



"Due to the planning work carried out by SIS, the clinic received a guidance and orientation system which works in an excellent way and highly corresponds to our aesthetic expectations both for the inside and outside areas of the clinic.

To date, we are very pleased with the planning, graphic design, tender, site supervision and finally the realisation and can therefore happily recommend SIS to others."

Manfred Fechner, Administration Manager



"In the ongoing workmanship, we particularly value the competent and cooperative mode of operation and the independent commitment with which SHW has continued the complex information and guidance system in an interdepartmental way, ensuring uniformity in terms of content and formally."

The newly developed information system has convinced both us as a principal and operator as well as Hamburg Airport's passengers and visitors thanks to the clear graphic structure, the corresponding design and the functional orientation concept.


It therefore contributes to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty - this is proven by the very good survey results from our passengers and visitors with regard to the orientation possibilities."

Michael Eggenschwiler, Claus-Dieter Wehr, Managing Directors